Make Money

Make Money Online With a Website

Make Money Online With a Website

I’ve been earning a full-time living as an affiliate marketer since 2006. The pic below shows me holding a check from the SiteSell affiliate program. This was a month’s worth of earnings from January 2008.

SiteSell Affiliate Check

As an affiliate marketer, I create websites that teach via information and video. Then I make money online by referring my audience to products and services that relate to my sites.

That’s what affiliate marketing is in a nutshell. Most affiliate programs are free to join, but the catch is you have to learn to build and market your website. This is where the challenge comes in.

Yes, I make it look easy, but that’s because I love what I do and this more than just money for me. Don’t be mislead by the large checks. I’ve put in time to make this work. If you’re looking for this to happen overnight, you are on the wrong site and in the wrong frame of mind.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

First, watch the video below that gives you an overview of affiliate marketing and how I use it to make money online with my websites. Then follow the links below for more help.

I owe a big part of my success to Ken Evoy, president of His book Make Your Content PREsell (now free!) and groundbreaking, site-building system Site Build It! changed the way I approach my entire business.

I learned that making money online goes far beyond just “putting up a website” and expecting money to roll in. You have to understand marketing and how to turn your visitors into customers. There is a process to all of this.

Want to learn more about starting a website and making money online? Download my free book (right-click link and “Save As”), The Perfect Site Guide.

Ready to build your site now? Start here!

More Help With Making Money Online

Different Ways to Make Money on the Internet
If you’re looking to make money online but need some ideas, this article will point you in the right direction.

Why People Fail at Making Money Online (PDF)
An eye-opening, in-your-face article by Ken Evoy that explains why only 2% of the people that ever try to make money online actually succeed. Some say it’s harsh. I say it’s powerful and very well-written.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How to Make Money With an Information Website
Finally, my dream came true and I am now earning enough money to work at home full-time.  Learn how you can do the same.

How to Avoid Internet Money Making Scams
They make you think you’ll be rich overnight, but they’re taking advantage of what you don’t understand about the Internet.

Make Money as a YouTube Partner
Discover how to make money with your own YouTube videos.

The Article Get-Rich-Quick Seekers Hate!
It’s hard for some to let go of the idea that you can make money quick online.  If this is you, you may want to take a look at this article.

I’m SICK of Money Making Secrets!
Another day, another eBook launches promising to reveal all the secrets to online success. Don’t get sucked into the hype.  I make a living online and I have no secrets.  It’s called hard work!

These Free Guides Will Change Your Life!
They did for me. Download free eBooks that explain how to make money with various kinds of websites.  You won’t believe information this good is given away for FREE!

Create an eBay-Like Auction Website
It would be hard to compete with eBay’s success but you can still create a successful auction website to allow others to bid for goods.  Learn how to get started.

How to Sell Your Items on eBay
Got something to sell?  Create a website and promote your eBay store!

No Product to Sell?  No Problem.
Here’s a quick guide to building a money making website without having a product to sell.

Finally, Ecommerce 101 for Beginners
This is a “hype-free” article that shows beginners how to build a long-term income from various kinds of websites.  If you don’t know how you want to make money on the web, this article will trigger tons of ideas.

Generate Profits by Creating an ebook
An ebook can be a great money maker, no matter if you sell it or give it away.  Learn how to create one!

Building an Online Store or Shopping Site
Don’t make the same mistake many beginners make when deciding to create an online shopping site.  Learn the best way to do it here.

Make Money With Affiliate Programs
Even if your site is just for information purposes only, you can STILL make money by affiliating yourself with other company websites and linking to their products.

  • Why Many Affiliates Fail
    99% of affiliates fail and only 1% succeed.  Which group are you in?
  • Make Money With Google
    If you have a web site, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be earning money from the most popular search engine’s free affiliate program.
  • Need Money for College?
    Here’s an example of how you can generate some extra $$ for school with affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate Success Stories From Webmasters
    You don’t have to be the next to make a profit online.  Read how everyday people are generating revenue with their small to medium-sized web sites.

Sell Your Own
This is the most common method of revenue generation on the web.  You control every aspect of your business when you sell your own product online, however, creating your own store can be costly and time-consuming to setup.

Starting a Web Design Business
Make money designing websites for other people and learn how to maximize your profits.


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