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Hijab- An Elegant Fashion Trend In Pakistan On the Way….!

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Hijab has been the utmost symbol of Muslim women all over the world.Hijab not only protects women’s respect and dignity but it also marks as the peak of feminity. Lets discuss this wonderful Trend which is now introduced in the latest fashion trend.

The Muslim women can become proud of what she owns at the name of Islamic Culture. Its very welcomed that Hijab is now revived as the part of latest fashion trend in Pakistan. The Hijab as the part of latest fashion trend in Pakistan is adopted with great enthusiasm.

Since the Pakistani fashion designers give it a new look. Decorate it with different color combinations since now its the component of latest fashion trend in Pakistan.When we talk of Hijab as the latest fashion trend in Pakistan we see three themes of Hijab as latest fashion trend which are Fancy, formal and casual. The fancy Hijab are those Hijab outfits which are made with very dark and bright colors of red, maroon, black, orange and blue.

The fancy Hijab has good craft work over them which are mostly of Balochi and sindhi emboidery. This emboidery is done on the edges of sleeves and scarf of Hijab and sometimes it is also on the PALU of Hijab which is used for Covering the Face. The Fancy Hijab is recommended for wedding ceremonies. So pick the best fancy Hijab as latest trend in Pakistan. Now Come to the Formal Hijab,another latest fashion trend in Pakistan,the  Formal Hijab Outfit is some how made with lighter and more sober colors like light brown, grey and off white. You can wear the formal Hijab in offices during your working time.

The formal Hijab is very useful for working women since it gives them a perfect look of strong charactered women. Off course  an off white formal Hijab with dark multi colored scarf can look good on you and you can be the fashion folk by just picking the formal Hijab as latest fashion trend in Pakistan. Last but not the least the casual Hijab is the appealing part of latest fashion trend in Pakistan, its  made up of very dark colors usually of black and dark blue colors.

Its making fabric is very soft and light so that you can wear it while performing the daily chores.Its recommended for the women living overseas.They can wear once and can wear them all day.

So Fashion women You can adopt Hijab as latest fashion trend in Pakistan you will not regret.

Spring 2010 Fashion Trends

As spring approaches, it is time to put away the sweaters and turtlenecks and maybe add a few new outfits to the wardrobe. This spring, floral print tops and khaki pants are the look for both men and women. The colors are soft and natural, instead of bright. Springtime pastels are especially eye-catching this spring season.

For women, this spring is the perfect time to wear turquoise jewelry. Those who do not own turquoise should consider investing in some. Floral hair decorations also work well this spring, bringing back the popular look of the 60’s and 70’s. Big bows are also great hair accessories this spring and will give women a fresh, new look. Pink is often a color that works well for women, especially during the springtime. The shades of pink can range anywhere from rose shade to fuchsia. Yellow is also appropriate for the spring, but this year should be worn in a pastel shade. Looking for a spring dress? White is a sophisticated and glamorous choice. Add some variety to solid colors by incorporating animal, plaid, and floral prints. Skirts and shorts can be worn with a pair of leggings underneath, which is a look that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Flats or platform shoes can be worn with many outfits this spring. According to, this spring’s style is encouraging women to be ultra-feminine. Ruffled blouses, dresses, and handbags will all work to bring fashion to life.

For men, ripped jeans will add a laidback look to style this spring. Whether regular or wide legged, jeans should be ankle length. If the ripped look is a little too casual, try a pair of skinny jeans instead. And belts are a fashion necessity! Leather is a timeless trend that can make a great addition to almost any outfit. Fitted jackets and chino pants are also quite stylish. Colors are dull and soft, so look for browns, tans, and charcoals. White is also a fresh look for men this spring.

Screen printed-tees are still popular this spring for both teens and adults. Women always have a variety of footwear and men are encouraged to add to their collection. A pair of fashionable sneakers and shoes is essential. Take a risk when it comes to the color of the shoes, too. Style is from head to toe, so hats are also a fashionable accessory this spring.

There are a few more items women and men may want to invest in this spring. A new cologne or perfume will add a splash of fresh air to that spring fashion. Speaking of splashing, April is notorious for its spring showers, so it is also important to invest in a stylish raincoat and/or umbrella. Also for those rainy days, rain boots are becoming more and more popular. A button-up spring jacket is also a wise investment. Find a jacket that is not too hot or cold, and will be just enough to show-off that spring fashion sense.


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